Update, since you linked this at your "Biden won't run" piece.

FB HAS stepped into the Twitter void, and it's getting a lot of pushback for creating a more obvious social media caste system than even Twitter's blue check 2.0. Plus, would you actually give a copy of your driver's license to Hucksterman to get certified for a Facebook blue check?


As for Harris? There HAS been some "inside baseball" stuff (all off the record, natch) recently at likes of Politico and The Hill. Dem insiders, by a strong majority, think she's a semi-disaster if not a full-on one.

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Good stuff. Have you read about the "People's CDC" much, on COVID, Dick? The "other side" of tribalism on this issue.

On Twitter alternatives? Probably more people are finding out the "clunkiness" of Mastodon. I did years ago. On Post/Notes? I've heard there's a huge wait list to get on. Sounds like when Google launched G+ and wasn't prepared for how much how many people hated Facebook. Speaking of? Nahh. Hucksterman's still focused on the metaverse.

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