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Thanks for this -- really interesting and thought-provoking insights here that I'm going to continue pondering over the next few months. On the point about genomic sequencing -- I believe Miriam Berger at the Washington Post was reporting on total sequencing from the U.S. over the entire course of the pandemic, while Scott Gottlieb was talking about current sequencing efforts. I think he over-estimated -- it was closer to 14% last I checked. But important to note these differences in reporting!

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There is something so refreshing about the truth. Thanks Dick.

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Thanks for another thought-provoking and considered read! I'm based in the UK and the coverage has been really frustrating, with both national and local press seizing on Omicron as a great way to generate clicks. In the first few (hours?) days of the variant being reported, there were countless articles - often duplicated due to the concentration of press ownership - offering the headline 'What we know about the new variant' when the answer was - and still is - almost nothing.

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